"Zaryadye" Concert Complex
The Unveiling of the Sculptural Composition "Infinity."

"Energy of Infinite Development."
This work is a collaboration with LANIT, one of Russia's leading groups of IT companies, timed to its 30th anniversary. The installation symbolises continuity and infinity of spiritual growth and technological progress.

A mobile app produced by the FIBRUM Company was introduced to the audience at the opening ceremony. Due to the AR technology the application allows users to actually see "a digital energy flow" that is condensed in the Universe and then comes down to the centre of the sculptural installation. The app allows you to take a photo of the sculpture using AR technology and post it on the social media. In addition, users can take augmented reality photos at any location by placing a 3D model of the sculpture in the frame.

Olga Zhukova, Zaryadye Hall CEO, said on the occasion: "This is the first sculpture installed in the spacious, futuristic lobby of Zaryadye. It fits really well into the overall architecture of the complex, and we are glad that the audience can not only enjoy performances and concerts, but also get a sense of modern monumental art."

"I have developed the idea of the Moebius strip into a form with volume to it and named it "The Gate to Infinity." It symbolises non-stop motion, constant development of technological progress on the Earth, and craving for knowledge. The sculptural composition is made of flat metal plates with complex fixtures and hand-made (designer) surface finish. The composition has an energy centre: when you stand in it, you get a piece of energy and love," Paata Merabishvili explains.